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About Us:

GoXercise TM is a new innovative company with a focus to be Your Progressive Multi-Purpose Wellness Solution with a 4-phase approach:

1 - Solutions - Innovative products like the Trans4mer TM will deliver value by combining multiple products into one with versatility, flexibility, portability and affordability.

2 - Training - Certified training for athletic trainers to earn credit hours towards their certification and specialized exercise video/DVD training for consumers to help you advance your personal fitness and exercise goals.

3 - Motivation - The company name GoXercise TM says it all... Go Exercise!... with more coming soon.

4 - Nutrition - We plan to add doctor-approved nutrition at a later date... stay tuned.

GoXercise TM has an exciting and innovative product strategy that will appeal to investors that look to achieve above industry rates-of-return on a promising new company.

Privacy Policy:

We will not share your information with any 3rd party without your expressed written permission. We do not keep credit card information beyond a current purchase transaction, then it is deleted from our system to protect you.


All products have an unconditional "30-Day Money Back Guarantee"!


GoXercise TM is located in Chicago, IL.

Email us at: info (at) GoXercise (dot) com - (Note: Formatted to avoid spam)

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Sales Job:

33% Commission + Bonus for $100,000+ potential with Easy Sales of High-Value Exclusive (4-in-1) product!

  • The $500B Wellness Industry has a significant unmet need for this innovative solution

  • Patent-pending (4-in-1) solution combines all the benefits of Exercise Balls + Medicine Balls + Kettle Bells + Dumbbells and more.... all in (1) flexible + versatile + portable + affordable product; the Trans4mer TM

  • There are at least (10) vertical (open) markets in the Wellness Industry that need this solution - consider all the locations that have at least a small fitness/exercise center and equipment:

  1. Condo / Apartment Clubhouses

  2. Fire Departments

  3. Golf / Country clubs

  4. Corporate Wellness Centers

  5. Hotel / Motels

  6. Village Park Districts

  7. Athletes everywhere...

  8. Personal Trainers

  9. Physical Therapy Centers

  10. Extended Care Facilities and more...

  • Plus, consider the millions of people and Active Aging Baby Boomers who exercise regularly and may have a home gym... Research shows it's approx. 16% of the population (and growing) and they're at your local health clubs just waiting to be approached with this unique (4-in-1) solution...

So the market for this solution easily numbers into the millions and it is wide open and un-tapped waiting for energetic Wellness Consultant (like you) to help solve their problem... in one quick and easy sale!... because:

  • This high-value solution makes at least (40) pieces of exercise equipment obsolete! Replace all the "individual" Exercise Balls + Medicine Balls + Kettle Bells + Dumb Bells with just (1) 4-in-1 Trans4mer TM

  • The cost savings is $500 to $1,000 and more... which makes for a very strong value proposition!

Sales fulfillment will be primarily e-Commerce web-based via the production version of the GoXercise.com website with incentives to support the product launch, such as 10% off, plus Free upgrades and Free shipping!

You make 33% Commission on the net sales price on (3) configurations of the Trans4mer TM priced as follows:

  • Configuration-10 (80% of sales volume) - MSRP less than $200 - you can make $60 on avg.

  • Configuration-20 (15% of sales volume) - MSRP less than $300 - you can make $90 on avg.

  • Configuration-30 (5% of sales volume) - MSRP less than $400 - you can make $120 on avg.

  • Plus, these configurations are Upgradable - MSRP less than $100 / kit - you can make $33 on avg.

Sell just (3-4) Trans4mer TM per day and make approx. $200 / day for $1000 / week and over $50,000 per year!

If you're well experienced at sales and understand the power of multiples, this market has easy opportunities for multiple sales per customer visit where you can leverage your time and make over $100,000 per year!

Plus, there may be Bonuses each month, quarter and yearend to meet sales targets, for example:

  • (100) unit sales per month = $500 Bonus!

  • (400) unit sales per quarter = $1,000 Bonus!

  • (2000) unit sales per year = $5,000 Bonus!

  • That's $15,000 in potential Bonus money!!!!

Note: The founder of GoXercise TM is a former IBM salesman who consistently made 6-figures and was awarded Salesman of the Year... and understands how to motivate energetic and skilled sales people....

Big Commissions plus Bonuses and take care of the sales people!


If you want to work in an entrepreneurial environment with a wide-open market and opportunity to make 6-figures, then maybe this sales job is for you!

If you are interested to learn more about this commission-only independent sales job, please send your resume and a cover letter of interest to: Jobs (at) GoXercise (dot) com (Note: Formatted to avoid spam.) Thank you!



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