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Now, you can Avoid Excessive and Expensive fitness equipment with the "4-in-1" Trans4mer TM.

No longer do you need to carry individual weights of Exercise Balls, Medicine Balls and Kettle Bells because now you can get all you need in the innovative (4-in1) Trans4mer TM.

It delivers over (75) different weight and ball configurations in (1) device that is portable and affordable:

  1. (6+) Exercise Balls weighing from 4-15 lbs...

  2. (8+) Medicine Balls (2-handles) weighing from 4-20 lbs...

  3. (12+) Kettle Bells (1-handle) weighing from 4-30 lbs...

  4. Plus the New Kettle Bell-2 (2-handles at 90-degrees)

  • What about the quality? The 8" ball is made of strong thick durable rubber and the metal weights are zinc-plated to resist rust and the handles are ergonomically designed for a sure soft-rubber grip.

  • Warranty and/or Guarantee? The Trans4mer TM includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • What about CE credit hours towards Certification?  Coming soon we'll offer you a complete Personal Trainer program where you can earn credit hours towards your continuing Certification.

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It's basically referral sales - just recommend the  "4-in-1" Trans4mer TM to your clients and when they buy from our website (using your GoXercise Member ID number), they get a Discount, Bonus Offer and Free Shipping as incentive and you get 1/3 of the Retail Price as sales commission. It's that easy!

Therefore, when you Sell 3... Get Yours Free!

Interested? Want to learn more about this exciting program!

Email us today: Trainers (at) GoXercise (dot) com    (Note: Formatted to avoid spam.)

Download the Trans4mer TM Personal Trainer Data Sheet (coming soon...)


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